Santa Monica Airport (SMO)

We are the Santa Monica Airport community website run by non-pilot residents in Santa Monica

Stay tuned for information about all new types of clean, quiet, and safe electric aircraft that can take you from SMO to anywhere in the world.

Our events at Santa Monica Airport have inspired 3,000+ kids in Mar Vista, Venice, Culver City, Los Angeles, Santa Monica and the surrounding neighborhoods. Our airport creates 1,500 jobs and brings $245MM in business to the local community. Learn more about our history and join our mailing list to help support us.

Santa Monica Airport (originally called Clover Field) dates back to 1919, however, some think it was used as a landing strip as early as 1917. Our friends at put together some interesting historical documents about the beginning of the Santa Monica Airport.

There once were over 66 airports in Los Angeles and Orange county alone. Learn more about all the landing strips from Paul Freeman on his site Abandoned & Little Known Airfields.

Here is a historical overview document that dates back as far as 1922 for Santa Monica Airport (Clover Field)

Real Testimonials: See what parents and kids say about the Santa Monica Airport